And, away we go!!

One Year Old!

Well, it’s official. Baby Delgado is growing up. I’m not sure when babies cross the line into toddlerhood, but our little gal is definitely taking steps in that direction! She’s had quite a year, and the last few weeks have been especially busy. She got sick for the first time last week meaning she was sick for her first Christmas and her first birthday. On top of that, she sprouted 2 new teeth putting her at a grand total of 8 teeth, woo hoo! She is putting them to good use too, and continues to eat just about everything. We had albondigas, her favorite soup, on her birthday and she gobbled it up along with the orange cake her nana made for her. Being sick didn’t put too much of a damper on this little girl’s spirits, she’s a real trooper. She even took her last round of shots like a champ, and has begun to take her first wobbly steps! She’s also chatting up a storm, and we can’t wait to hear what’s on her mind besides “more food?”  🙂

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and this is officially my last blog entry. Thank you all for joining us on this journey. It has been a joy to share our pregnancy and the sweet moments of Frances’s first year with you. I’ve considered starting a new blog, but who has time for that? I’m too busy chasing someone around the house and cleaning up their messes. No, I’m not talking about James, although he’s pretty good at keeping me on my toes as well. Thank you again, and best wishes for a blessed and a Happy New Year!


Has it really been one year?!!!

Almost one year ago . . . A little over one year ago today, I started having contractions, and, fortunately, I was unaware that they would come and go for one more week until our little peanut was ready to say hello! This week is bittersweet, feeling a little blue and happy at all once. Reminiscing about the long days in front of the fireplace in our old home watching Christmas movies, slow, long walks around the neighborhood and the tiny comforts of a cozy blanket, my oversized sweater, and warm baked goods with a hot cup of tea. And, above all, my sweet little one tucked up cozy and warm through the holiday season.

Best Christmas present ever!After our due date came and went, followed shortly by Christmas, we approached the new year, and I started to think she might never come out! She did, of course, after some really hard work! Right in the middle of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, on a Friday evening, my water broke and the contractions started again. This time they kept going and going and going . . . my little peanut and I (and daddy, too!) were exhausted by the time the night rolled into day and the day started to roll into night once more. Once we made the decision to go to the hospital, and a wonderful doctor gave me an epidural, our little one was out in less than 20 minutes. And, lo and behold, it was a girl!! I was delirious, but my first thought was, “Are you sure?!”

Tiny, cozy and warmBut, of course, they were sure! And, of course, we have a girl, a curious, observant, serious, silly, persistent and tenacious girl! This year has been a blessed one, challenging at times, exhausting at times, bewildering at times, but, above all, amazing. The joy that our peanut has brought into our lives was truly unimaginable. We’re looking forward to continuing to build our family traditions, and we’re ready to embrace the adventures that the next chapter in our lives will bring. (But, if I’m being honest, I will always shed a little tear over the sweet time we had in our warm little nest with our soft little bundle grunting and cooing as she snuggled up with us so nice and warm and tiny.)

P.S. Only two more blog posts to go . . . thank you all for sharing our journey!


Thank you, Maria Montessori!

Happy Birthday to an inspirational and influential woman, Maria Montessori! She has enlightened many, including myself, to the wonders of the young child and shaped who I am and who I aspire to be as a citizen of this world and as a parent.  Here’s my baby’s first Montessori lesson! Two months old, note the concentration and the sigh of a job well done.  🙂